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Writing Up Your PhD
The human mind ... works on full power ... until you sit down to write. Good advice on how to get past this problem.

Old Dominion University Library Research Tutorials
Guides and tutorials to finding library materials for college papers and projects.

Neuromod - Online Memory Improvement Course
It is possible to improve one's memory performance in specific areas by applying memory techniques. This site explain a number of systems ranging from simple to sophisticated. The training steps are clearly laid out and in most cases online training software is provided.

Professor Freedman's Math Study Tips
Math test taking and note taking tips. (Note: Animation and loud music included.)

Talking to others at conferences
Tips about how to get past the 'feeling awkward' stage at conferences.

So long, and thanks for the Ph.D.
Useful advice on the politics of research, skills you should work on and motives of the people involved. Long but worth the read.

How to have Your Abstract Rejected
Funny and to the point advice on creating and submitting abstracts.

Notes on Writing Papers and Theses
Writing style tips. Common mistakes and how to avoid them.

LearnPlus Learning Guide
Important elements involved in the learning process: time-management, concentration, memory, attitude, and learning styles.

Burnout Prevention and Recovery
Funny view point on burnout at MIT

Imperial College Health Center - Study Skills & Stress Management
Tips on stress management specifically for testing and study skills.

Mrs. M's Study Skills Page
Tips for middle and high school students on organization, test taking, and career planning.

Student Enrichment - Study Tips
Concrete ways to improve learning in class or while studying.

Study Skills Memory Principles
A list of memory or learning principles with a brief definition of each. Additional information related to the principles is available.

How to Give a Good Research Talk
What to focus on and why, slide tips, using examples, pruning, and getting feedback.

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