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List of Egypt Africa information, links and web resources.

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Travel and Tourism Websites in Egypt Africa

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Egypt Infos
Information for the traveler to Egypt. Contains descriptions of the various sites and useful links.

iExplore - Egypt
Resource for planning and booking an adventure trip to Egypt. Where to go, what to do, book a trip, get advice on travel to Egypt.

Photos from Egypt
A collection of photographs of monuments, artifacts, wildlife, and landscapes.

Travel to Egypt
Where to stay, where to go and how to save money in Egypt.

Egypt Tourism Net
Tourism in Egypt, hotels, cruises, tourist attractions, restaurants, travel agencies, and transportation. Tourist guide, diving, translate your name to heiroglyphic letters

Substantial information for visitors on Egyptian culture, history and attractions. Includes a database of hotels and tour operators.
Tourist information for Egypt - including accommodation, transportation, safaris, diving, maps and online reservation.

Magic Horizon
Hot air balloon excursions in Luxor.

Red Sea Guide
Information on scuba diving, wind surfing, accommodations, desert safaris and many other travel and tourist services on the Egyptian Red Sea coast.

Egypt and Copts
Information about Coptic Egypt and other areas.

Egypt Impressions
A photographic impression of the country by a Dutch tourist, inluding some links.

N & B Concepts
Golf holidays in El Gouna.

Rigby's World of Egypt
Detailed pictorial tours of modern Egyptian temples and museums.

Egypt Tours
Offer a variety of tours, cruises, vacations and hotels. Also some background information.

Egypt Travel Attraction Search
Search for Egypt tourist sites in the PlanetWare Travel Encyclopedia.

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