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About All Showcase Search Directory

All Showcase World Directory is a human edited Internet directory base in Philippines. Our main objective is to be one of the Best Family Friendly Search on Internet!

We promote and showcase world class products and services, owned businesses, small and medium enterprises, hotels and travel services, affiliate programs and small business opportunities via Internet.

Any own ebusinesses website that offers world class products and services that are family friendly are part of the e-commerce lifestyle can be a part of our links and directories. These include but not limited to Internet Service Providers (ISP), VAN's, consulting firms, web page development and design, web site hosting services, banks financial services, payment gateways, delivery/fulfillment, trading hubs, e-commerce sites, computer hardware and software providers, communities, hotels, travel, resorts, manufacturers, traders, exporters, talents, small business opportunities, online work at home business, real estates and realty, organizations and more.

The source of surfed links in All Showcase World Directory were from submission from our visitors, clients, friends and partners and from important, major, international, and local search engines and search directories such as but not limited to AltaVista, Lycos, Inktomi, Excite, FAST/AlltheWeb, Yahoo, Open Directory Project - DMOZ, Microsoft Network - MSN, Look Smart, and so forth.

All Showcase World Directory were maintained by a group of family members and friends who loved to browse and surf the Internet, based in Makati and Pasay City, Metro Manila Philippines.

We basically reviews the myriad of family orientated websites that we finds in our daily meandering in cyberspace.

We hope you will enjoy your visit to All Showcase World Directory, and recommend to your family, associates and friends.


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